Happiness is life set to music

Kathy Doolan


I'm Kathy Doolan, the Founder and Director of Rhythm Time which I started in Solihull in 1995.

I studied music at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow and later taught in various schools, eventually becoming the head of a music department.

Having children changed my life and I decided that I wanted to have a career that fitted around my family and of course, it had to involve music.

I believe that every child is musical and there has been much research done to confirm that early musical experiences have far reaching benefits. It helps children emotionally, socially and is fundamental in helping their young brains to develop.

With all this in mind I created a set of courses which are fun but are also musically and educationally sound. I had lots of experience and so with my box of instruments I happily embarked on my Rhythm Time venture. The response was fantastic and the demand was so great that I quickly had to train others to come on board to help me teach. I continue to teach and run my own classes in Solihull and this enables me to keep involved at grass roots

Because of my belief in the power of music my aim is to give every child and parent in the UK the opportunity to be involved in our quality music classes. Therefore, in 2000 I decided to franchise the business.

Rhythm Time classes are different because in our sessions we don't use a lot of recorded music, we mainly use our singing voices (an instrument we all have). It is very important that children hear unaccompanied singing as it helps them to find their own voice, to match the pitch, and subsequently to sing in tune.

I believe you are never too young to start so we begin with relaxing antenatal classes (Rhythm Bumps), moving on to baby, toddler and pre school levels. All the courses are different and are all age appropriate.

We now have classes all over the UK and, with a network of fantastic franchisees and teachers, we continue to thrive and grow steadily.

Come and join in the fun...