National Early Years Music Week

Early Years Music Week

Rhythm Time are delighted to be launching the very first National Early Years Music Week in January 2019.

This national event will raise awareness and celebrate the amazing benefits that music and singing can bring to children in their early years.

Kathy Doolan (founder of Rhythm Time), decided to create this very special awareness week because in the last 10 years, research has proven that music making and singing with babies and toddlers is fundamental to their early development. Many parents go along to classes for fun, but are unaware of the long-term educational benefits that music provides. With the recent cuts in education, music is seen as an optional extra, and is always the first subject to be dropped. However research shows that it is actually one of the most important subjects a child can do, as it has the power to unlock every child’s potential, and benefit so many other areas of their lives.

Did you know:

  • Music is the only activity that stimulates and activates every part of your baby's brain?
  • Music boosts a range of essential learning skills and helps to develop your child's memory, concentration, creativity and overall self-confidence?
  • Musical activities are a powerful tool to enhance your child's communication, language, literacy & mathematical skills - a perfect foundation for school?

During this special week, our Rhythm Time classes will be full of extra special, fun activities that help demonstrate the wonderful benefits of music.  Join in the fun and wear something yellow!  And why not bring a friend (booking essential as places limited).

As part of this important event, we've also produced a FREE GUIDE on how music can benefit your little one.  Download it here.

We'd like to thank our sponsors: LMS Music Supplies, NatWest, MusicBiz, Morton Michel, Fraser Brown Solicitors, HSBC, Babyled and Usborne for their generousity - this is a not-for-profit endeavour and we wouldn’t be able to provide all the fun materials including balloons, activity sheets and sticksers for the children without their financial support. Information leaflets will also be available for everyone attending the event.

We look forward to seeing you and your little ones at this fabulous event!

Celebrating the benefits of Early Years music Celebrating the benefits of Early Years music
Building awareness & celebrating the benefits of music & singing