Music Classes For Babies

Developing confidence, creativity and coordination should start from an early age!

The age range for Rhythm Time's music classes for babies is from birth to 15 months. Music is fundamental to every baby's development and our music classes for babies are designed specifically to help this process.

Babies and young children really enjoy being part of a group and mixing with others is essential to a baby's growth and development. When mother and baby are together in the class it helps with bonding and the group environment enhances the experience for the parents.

The content of our music classes for babies up to 15 months is as follows:

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We also recognise that many parents will need to bring along a younger sibling. Siblings under 1 are welcome to come along to our classes for free.

Group of Mums Taking Part In Music Classes For Babies

"Having fun by joining in is fundamental to a baby's growth and development."

Mum enjoying music classes for babies