Music Classes For Pre-School

As your children get ready for school their confidence, creativity and coordination is taken to the next level.

Rhythm Time music classes for pre-school are designed for children aged between 3 and 5 years.  There are 5 courses (12 sessions in each course) and we aim to develop children's confidence while giving them a firm foundation musically and ready to play an instrument when they are older.

Like all our courses, our pre-school classes are also designed to help children learn and develop life skills. At this age it's important that children develop social skills by actually learning to work together and this group activity is a wonderful experience, something they will never forget.

The content of our music classes for pre-school is as follows:

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We also recognise that many parents will need to bring along a younger sibling. Siblings under 1 are welcome to come along to our classes for free.

Pre-Schoolers Listening At Music Classes For Pre-School

"Attending Rhythm Time pre-school classes gives your child a real head start."

Having Fun Learning About Music At Music Classes For Pre-School