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Covid-19 Secure, Clean and Safe

🎵 Keeping you Safe & Sound at Rhythm Time 🎵

At Rhythm Time we are mindful of the safety of our customers and staff and ask that you respect each other's personal choices as we return to more 'normal classes'.
We will be keeping the following measures in place throughout our classes:
✅ Hand sanitiser will continue to be available at all venues. 
✅ We will be continuing with an increased cleaning schedule to include a light cleaning of customer instruments and mats.
✅ We will be offering customers the opportunity to purchase our musical bundle (bells, scarves, and sticks) as these items are difficult to clean in between classes. 
✅ Whilst it will no longer be mandatory to wear face coverings while attending our classes, we do ask that you consider other people's personal space.
✅ Online classes will be available as part of the class booking package. 
✅ We will no longer require a COVID19 instrument pack and customers can look forward to using all our musical instruments/musical activities and props. 
✅ We've completed COVID19 & Infection Control Training
If you have any queries or questions with regard to the COVID-19 policy in your area, please contact your local class teacher.
We thank you for all your continued support😊
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We offer 4 age-specific class stages:
Young Baby (0-6 months);
Baby (0-13 months);
Toddler (up to 3yrs) and
Pre-school (up to 5yrs)
Each stage is tailored specifically to support the age and developmental needs of each age group.
Let your little one’s musical journey begin.......😊
Will you still be offering online classes?
Yes, we will. We will be continuing to provide our age-appropriate online classes for the foreseeable future. The feedback from customers about both our pre-recorded classes has been really positive so going forward we will continue to offer our online classes for 0-5 yrs.
What happens if my venue must close due to COVID?
Your music class will move online and will be available to access through your customer FB Hub.
Will I need to bring my own instruments to class?
No, but we will still continue to offer the ‘Ready to Go Starter Bundle' (bells, sticks and scarves) which will be available to purchase through the Rhythm Time shop.