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Becky Morrall


Aimee Smith

My name is Aimee and I joined the Rhythm Time team in September 2017.

I have always been very musical and have enjoyed playing many different instruments over the years including the violin, piano, recorders and guitar. I have performed with orchestras and ensembles, taken lots of exams and won several competitions. I also sang in an all female choir for several years during my teens and early twenties, which was great fun!

I went on to complete a degree in Music Therapy, which was incredibly interesting and I relished the opportunity to begin to use an art form I am passionate about to benefit others. After university I worked in special needs education for several years, giving me plenty of experience working with youngsters of all ages and abilities.

I now adore working for Rhythm Time! Not only do I get to use some of my skills and knowledge to help your little ones reach their full potential, but I also get to share in the magic of making them smile and watching them grow. I've never had a job so enjoyable.

If you get the opportunity please do come along and try some of our classes - I know you won't be disappointed! :)

Come and join in the fun...