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Hello Everyone,

I'm Lucy the new franchisee for Rhythm Time Stockport and High Peak. I am really excited about this musical adventure and can't wait to meet all you lovely Parents and Carers and most importantly your little ones!

I have two boys who love to sing and dance and to be honest there's not a day that goes by where music isn't part of our everyday life! Previously being a Primary and Early Years Teacher I understand the benefits music has in developing early skills.

Knowing how much enjoyment my boys had at the classes and the great friends I made, I couldn't wait to be a part of the Rhythm Time Team to be able to demonstrate how much fun the classes are and the potential that can be unlocked through music!

Want to see for yourself? Just book your little one into a class near you.


“I have been taking Alexander to Rhythm, time classes since he was 4 months old, he is now 19 months and loves every minute of time he is in the class. Leighanne is very friendly and welcoming and makes the classes so much fun with all different activities and it is certainly never boring!!! Leighanne takes the time to involve every member of the class no matter what, including the mums and dads. We have made some good friends by going to the classes. We look forward to going every week and will be very sad when Alexander becomes too old to go.”

 —Teresa & Alexander Henderson

“My daughter, Isabelle, attends Rhythm Time with Leighanne at Mellor Church on a Tuesday morning. My daughter has attended for some time now and will always do so for as long as possible as she loves it. Leighanne is great with the children and the classes are very varied and good fun. It is done in a way by Leighanne that is a fun way of learning. Her ways, voice etc are great and extremely warming and caring.”

 —Jane and Izzy Grayson

“I have a nineteen month old daughter and we have been going to Rhythm Time since she was four months old, Leighanne's classes are fantastic, she makes the sessions exciting and fun, and is great with all the children.”

 —Nicky and Yasmin

“' I take both my two year old son and 6 month old daughter to Leighanne's rhythm time classes and they are by far and away one of the best things we do. Leighanne never fails to show absolute warmth and enthusiasm towards the children and demonstrates a lovely passion for the work she does. My son really looks forward to attending Rhythm Time and I have never known him lose concentration due to the excellent content and structure of the classes - it is lovely to see Luke repeating some of the things he has learnt during the week. Similarly with my daughter, I can tell by the way she acts during the class that she enjoys it and is highly stimulated. In short, I can only highly commend Leighanne for the planning that she does and the commitment that she shows.'”

 —Elaine, Luke & Bethany Carrington

“Just a wee note to say how much we both enjoy Rhythmtime with Leighanne - it's lots of fun and one session keeps us going throughout the week. Libby (Elizabeth) takes notice of what's happening and will incorporate it into her playtime at home. She's started calling her toy puppy out of his kennel the same way we call for Rat-a-tat! She also loves singing 'baa baa' into the shower hose at bathtime each night and can't wait to use the microphone in class. We both think that Leighanne is a fab teacher and makes the sessions lots of fun which is why we keep coming back.”

 —Linda & Libby Bell

Come and join in the fun...