Happiness is life set to music

Marion Johnston


I am a Rhythm Time Mum! I attended Rhythm time classes with my
two sons, Isaac and Ross in Cheshire. I knew from the first session
that this was the career for me. So when we moved back home to the
Lakes in 2002 I brought Rhythm time with me.

My voice was trained from the age of 10. I regularly attended
music festivals and later took part in amateur operatic
productions. I then rediscovered singing through my children.
Through Rhythm time I realised music was a very important and fun
part of early leaning.

I thoroughly enjoy watching the children develop. The excitement
over a huge piece of orange Lycra! Watching a baby concentrate on
falling bubbles as they listen to mummy sing. A toddler playing a
lollipop drum..... in time! Hearing the mums on their way out
singing. Tears from a proud mum (and me) on graduation day. These
are just a few aspects of running rhythm time classes, which make
the job so worthwhile. Each week brings something new. Come along
and experience it for yourself.

Come and join in the fun...