Happiness is life set to music

Michelle O'Grady


“Rhythm Time develops listening skills and responses in preparation for future school life. It stimulates brain development and musicality. I like the quality time spent with my children in a friendly, stimulating environment and my children love the CD!”

 —H. Lane

“We love the CD, it is good to get to know the songs and rhymes. [We are glad you are both enjoying the CD. The CD is now included in your fees when you join Rhythm Time. Keep up the good work!]”


“We have been attending Rhythm Time for 3years so far- my eldest son was just 5 weeks old. We have fun, my children love it and we get to meet new friends and learn with other children. Thank you to our class teacher.”

 —Kobe's mum

“I came with my son to Rhythm Time a few years ago and now I come along with my daughter. I like meeting up with other mums and the routine of the class.”


“The baby book is a good idea, (I don't remember my older son getting one). [Thanks Claire, the Baby book is a new addition to Rhythm Time and is included in your fee. I'm glad you are enjoying it!]”


“I enjoy Rhythm Time because of the quality time one to one with my child. As a child/young adult I learnt to play the piano. It opened up my world to music and gave me a lot of joy. I want my child to have the same opportunities. The Rhythm Time CD is brilliant and my 4 year old enjoys it too!”


“I had a taster session of Rhythm Time at a 'New mums group'. I like socialising with others and introducing my baby to new ideas.”

 —Macie's mom

“Rhythm Time is the perfect length of time for my baby. It keeps him engaged and he loves music. We really enjoy coming!”

 —Archie's mum

“My little girl loves the varied instruments and I enjoy meeting other local mums. We both enjoy the sessions and I recommend Rhythm Time to others. Our tutor is excellent, thank you!”


“I think Rhythm time benefits children by helping them to learn to listen and concentrate - which is good preparation for going to school. It is social and helps my daughter to join in as she is timid amongst children. Both my children enjoy the Toddler CD and we join in with the singing during the sessions. The teaching staff are very friendly and excellent with the children. I would recommend Rhythm Time to my friends.”

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