Happiness is life set to music

Michelle O'Grady


“Rhythm Time is the perfect length of time for my baby. It keeps him engaged and he loves music. We really enjoy coming!”

 —Archie's mum

“My two children thoroughly enjoy Rhythm Time. It helps them to develop an enjoyment in music and they learn skills such as playing in time and singing in tune. The venue is convenient, great value and enthusiastic teachers. I would recommend Rhythm Time to my friends!”

 —K. Collet

“I think Rhythm time benefits children by helping them to learn to listen and concentrate - which is good preparation for going to school. It is social and helps my daughter to join in as she is timid amongst children. Both my children enjoy the Toddler CD and we join in with the singing during the sessions. The teaching staff are very friendly and excellent with the children. I would recommend Rhythm Time to my friends.”


“I enjoy Rhythm Time because of the quality time one to one with my child. As a child/young adult I learnt to play the piano. It opened up my world to music and gave me a lot of joy. I want my child to have the same opportunities. The Rhythm Time CD is brilliant and my 4 year old enjoys it too!”


“I had a taster session of Rhythm Time at a 'New mums group'. I like socialising with others and introducing my baby to new ideas.”

 —Macie's mom

“This is probably my last term of Rhythm Time as my youngest child is off to Nursery. I will miss Rhythm Time...but the kids still play it at home!”

 —Adam's mum

“Frankie really enjoys seeing the other boys and girls. He loves music and dances and plays instruments at home too! I enjoy watching Frankie interact with the other children. It is lovely to see him develop as the weeks go by.”

 —Frankie's Mum

“I like Rhythm Time because I get special time with my daughter. We get to learn about rhythm and music. It is great for teaching sharing and enjoyment of music.”


“Rhythm Time develops listening skills and responses in preparation for future school life. It stimulates brain development and musicality. I like the quality time spent with my children in a friendly, stimulating environment and my children love the CD!”

 —H. Lane

“Rhythm Time helps Charlie to develop a sense of rhythm and co-ordination. It also builds confidence and self esteem. I like the fast pace of the lesson as well as the skills learnt. We have used the CD lots at home and really enjoy coming.”

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