Happiness is life set to music


“Saturday mornings are a highlight of our week! Great opportunity for family time! We have seen our children grow in confidence and independence. We enjoy singing along to rhythm-time CDs in the car during the week! Our 4 year old loves the pre-school class, as it makes her feel so grown up!!”

 —Gayle Trevallion

“Testimony for Rhythm Time Liz Warner, Mum to Alex (6) and Sophie (3). Sophie has been attending Rhythm Time since she was 12 weeks old and we have enjoyed the sessions together very much; she started to respond in group quicker than I could ever have imagined and it has helped her develop her speaking and listening skills by using rhythmic chants and a steady beat. She sings and dances what seems to be all day long. Alex my older child attended mainly the Pre-school stage of Rhythm Time; again it helped with his speech and language which was very beneficial as they are areas in which he struggles. When he was 5 years old he showed an interested in playing the Cornet and in his second lesson his teacher asked if I knew that he could already read music. I said no and was very shocked - I certainly have never taught him and believe that the method used in Rhythm Time allowed him to read music with a greater ease than if he had never attended. Alex has since gone on to win his first competition and is now working towards exams. I strongly believe that Rhythm Time has helped develop Alex’s talent at a young age and I hope the Isle of Wight Team takes as much pride in his achievements as I do, perhaps more knowing that gave him the best start in music at a young age that any child could hope for.”

 —Liz Warner

“Both of my children have enjoyed Rhythm Time classes from a very early age and I feel this has helped many areas of their development. Their musical ability and creative skills have been improved in sessions that they see as just great fun! My little girl has progressed through the Toddler classes and now goes into the Pre-School group with her peers which has undoubtedly done wonders for her confidence...leaving me behind to have a cuppa and catch up with friends! I am sure all Rhythm Time leaders are just as fabulous but Claire and Julie are fantastic with the children and do an amazing job. Thank you Rhythm Time from Jo, Imogen and Joshua Hobbs”

 —Jo Hobbs

“Since our 3 year old was a 9 month old, Rhythm Time has been one of the highlights of our 'family time'. Both girls have developed their love of music, song and dance at the Saturday morning class. It's a great way to explore music with your child. We all love Rhythm Time! The Rayner family”

 —Noreen Rayner
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