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My name is Vicky Taramasco and I am the franchise owner for Rhythm Time in Birmingham and surrounding areas. I started Rhythm Time in this area in 2003. and have enjoyed watching it grow as more and more babies and toddlers enjoy the Rhythm Time experience.

When I left school I trained as a Paediatric Oncology nurse and I moved to Birmingham in 1992 to work at Birmingham Children's Hospital. I spent many enjoyable years working on the oncology and bone marrow transplant unit but when I had my own family it was time for a change.

I have always loved music and played the Piano and clarinet when I was younger and more recently have sung with one of the Birmingham Choirs.

Rhythm Time has enabled me to put my love of working with children and music together and it is a very full filling job. I love to watch how the children grow and develop within our classes. It is lovely to watch their music skills develop as well as their confidence, speech skills and motor skills.

I have been very fortunate since starting in 2003 to develop a fantastic team of teachers in my area and I spend a lot of time ensuring the standard of all lessons taught is very high, enabling all the children who attend to have a fantastic fun time.


“Rhythm Time is a wonderful activity for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. All three of my children have attended RT (at a range of locations around Bromsgrove and South Birmingham) and have thoroughly enjoyed it, and I've seen the whole age range as my babies have grown up! The staff are really enthusiastic, well-organised and professional, and the classes are well-structured, covering a wide range of early learning areas. Rat-A-Tat the rabbit who lives in a top hat, and who pops out for the part of the session where the children have to listen carefully is a particular favourite with my little boy who is now 2.5 years old. The parts of the session where the children get to play a wide range of percussion instruments are also really popular. There are also activities which encourage movement and coordination, all within a really well-structured framework. Some songs and activities recur (often in different ways) throughout any given term which means that the children become familiar with them. It is clear that the RT courses are really well-thought through, they are so much fun for grown ups and children, and I would thoroughly recommend signing up with them”


“On the feedback front I think the classes are fantastic. I have some muscial and brain knowledge and I thought the structure and delivery of the class created magic! Very impressive.”


“I have been bringing my daughter to Rhythm Time for 2 years now and we both absolutely love it! It has been wonderful to watch her grow in confidence and develop as she has progressed through the classes, from baby to toddler to the pre school sessions... we love listening the CD in the car and I often find her 'playing' Rhythm Time and singing the songs and doing the activities at home! I am also extremely impressed by some of the musical terms and knowledge she has gained in the pre school sessions. I cannot recommend the Rhythm Time Birmingham South and Worcester North classes highly enough.”


“Vicky has a natural ability to engage with children and adults - making everyone feel welcome and at ease. Her enthusiasm for her classes encourages all participants to join in and make the most of each session. Vicky structures her classes to cover a broad range of different activities to engage with and stimulate the children. Vicky tailors her approach to individual children's (and their parents' !) needs - she is careful to praise all efforts and attempts without putting pressure on the children to perform. She is very good at holding the children's attention. Vicky is very professional in dealing with the business element of Rhythm Time, but is personable, approachable and friendly. She makes you and your child feel as though you have achieved something, as well as having enjoyed the class !”


Come and join in the fun...