Happiness is life set to music

Frances Donkin


“Rhythm Time is by far the best activity I have found for babies and toddlers. My son, Alfie, started when he was just 4 months old and continued until he was 2. He loved every session and Lisa was a fantastic 'teacher'. Unfortunately we moved out of the area and found the journey a bit too much, but since having a second baby I am really missing the classes, I just hope one opens up near Uttoxeter some time soon!!”

 —Rebecca of Uttoxeter

“Today was Oscar’s last ever Rhythm Time as he starts pre school in September. Big thanks to Tracey and Gill for their patience, energy and enthusiasm over the years with Oscar and his big brother Willis. Monday mornings will never be the same again without rat-a-tat! Xx”

 —Tina, Hartford, July 2018

“It took my partner and I almost 6 years to finally have our treasured baby so I wanted to do as much as I could with her and I was also very keen to get involved with other Mummies. I did NCT but I also wanted to engage with lots of other new Mums so I joined some classes. I have tried almost all of the different types of classes from the water ones to the adventure ones and I am pleased to say that Rhythm time is my firm favourite. I find the relaxed, yet interactive approach very easygoing but still very fun. I think singing, dancing, and instruments play a vital roll in a baby/child's life, in fact there wasn't a class I attended that didn't have songs and dancing of some sort so it's clear that it's vital for a good class, but Rhythm time was the only one dedicated to it and I thoroughly enjoy it, as does my one year old Hope. I cannot recommend these classes enough, they include sensory and learning activities - Brilliant fun and relaxed. Thank you so much Jenny”

 —Jenny, Wilmslow - November 2016

“We’ve had a great time at Rhythm Time over the years. The teachers (Julia, Gemma, Sophie, Beth, Hazel, Zollie and Chantelle) were fantastic and the helpers (Katherine and Kate) were always wonderful and happy to hold a baby or two over the years. We shall miss going there on Wednesday mornings. I’ve made many great friends through attending the classes. The venue in Macclesfield is brilliant with tea and coffee being served next door and toys out for the kids.”

 —Tina, Macclesfield, July 2018

“We had such a lovely day on Phoebe's birthday. It is very clear that music really engages her and I'm sure that is down to her time at class since she was so little. Any music she hears she starts to bop and as soon as she has anything in her hands that can possibly make a rhythm she's shaking/banging/clashing away. She has always had incredible dexterity - much more so than my son. So seeing her little face light up at her party was very special. Natalie was amazing we couldn't have asked for more and everyone was really impressed.”

 —Kate & Phoebe, Wilmslow, March 2019

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to everybody at rhythm time. Edward has been coming to your classes since he was 2 months old and has just graduated today. He has absolutely loved his time at your classes, especially with Lisa and Vicky who have been superstars. Their continued enthusiasm and energy amazes me! Matilda has also been since she was tiny and today was her last class too. Thanks for making such wonderful classes!”

 —Zoe - July 2017

“This is one of the best things our 2 ever did- definitely worth seeing it all the way through as they learned a huge amount and enjoyed every minute ... only thing I’m sad about is that they can’t do it now they’re in school !”

 —Rob Jackson-Jones - February 2018

“"My son started Rhythm Time classes when he was about 6 months old - little did I know we would be coming to class for 4 years. He has loved every lesson with Lisa, playing many instruments and listening to every note. If it weren't for starting 'big school' In September I'm sure we would be signing up for another term! Thanks to Lisa and Rhythm Time Cheshire for inspiring a love of music in my wee boy."”

 —Dianne - Alderley Edge - July 2017

“Can't recommended rhythm time enough!! My baby gets so much out of it, and really enjoys seeing other babies. She also sleeps for ages after so I get to do the housework undisturbed when I get home!”

 —Kate O'Brien - February 2016

“Can’t believe our Rhythm Time journey is now over. Both girls have loved every minute of it! Thank you so much to Lisa along with Caroline/Gemma for all the fun and enthusiasm!!”

 —Anna-Louise, Alderley Edge, July 2018
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