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Hi, I'm Lauren and I've been running Rhythm Time classes
since September 2008. Prior to this I was an Primary teacher
specialising in Early Years.

I'm a mum of three boys and that's how I discovered Rhythm Time. I saw how much my children enjoyed the well
structured, fun sessions, gaining confidence, listening skills and
sense of Rhythm as they went. I also enjoyed them as a parent . As
a result, I was inspired to have a career change, working with two
things I love- children and music.

I love leading classes, every child is different and brings
something new to each class. The classes give parents and children
quality time together as well as the chance to make new friends.

The best way to find out more about the classes is to come along give me a call!


“'Emma and I have really enjoyed coming to your cRhythm Time. It gives us time to enjoy singing together and has definately helped to imrpve Emma's confidence ahead of starting school. It starts our day off on a very positive note. Thanks Lauren!'”


“'The girls and I really enjoy the class and look forward to Friday- the girls are definately calmer afterwards'”

 —Geraldine - mum of twins

“' The sessions provide constructive playtime with your child and ideas for play at home. The only problem is that half an hour is not long enough when you're having fun! '”


“' Even though Isobel was only sixteen weeks when we joined she gained a lot . Rachel and Lauren always included Isobel in the classes and got lots of smiles in return!'”


“The sessions are a chance for children and adults to make friends. Rhythm Time helps to develop children's listening skills and enables them to learn to share and take turns. We loved the CD too , I noticed that George started to join in more after we listened to it at home.'”

 —Rachel (Nanny to George)

“'My child has learned a lot- singing dancing making friends and putting toys away. the class is very enjoyable for children and parents.'”


“Rhythm Time is a great introduction to's also nice for Charlie to hear a voice that sings in tune!'”


“'The class has so many benefits- learning to share, being creative, sense of achievement felt when doing rhythm patterns. I love the fact that each session is varied and different equipment is used. Lauren is a fantastic leader and we love her classes!'”


“'The sessions are well structured and help my son's development. They are enjoyable for parent and baby- good bonding experience.'”


“Thank you very much for doing such a good job of entertaining us all at my birthday party. My grandad and grandpa have asked me to say a special thank you- they had a ball! I really enjoyed it all and so did my friends. We had great fun!'”

 —Claire & Kate (2yrs)

Come and join in the fun...