Happiness is life set to music

Fiona Haining


Hi! I'm Fiona and I'm delighted to be running Rhythm Time multi sensory music classes for over 100 babies and toddlers in Aberdeen!

Music has always been important to me and it played a very big part in my childhood: I sang in local choirs and also learned to play the piano. The confidence I gained from playing in concerts as a child has really helped me in later life.

When my own son was 17 months old, I was lucky enough to be able to take him along to a Rhythm Time class and I just couldn't believe his fabulous response! So, I quickly decided to buy a Rhythm Time franchise and share the wonderful benefits with other local babies and toddlers in my own local area. The developmental benefits to young children are amazing and our classes could even be a great springboard for future musicians!

So why not help your little one discover the magic of music for themselves! Call me now for a free trial! You'll never look back!

Come and join in the fun...