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Hi, I'm Sarah and I manage Rhythm Time in Sheffield and North Derbyshire. I've lived in Sheffield for 25 years and I spent about 15 of those years teaching Science in local schools. Now I'm busy taking the opportunity to indulge my other passion - music - by singing and playing with lots of lovely babies and toddlers.

I have a wonderful team of teachers and together we run classes in Greenhill, Dronfield, Crosspool and Bakewell. We all love to see all those happy smiling little faces, all raring to play instruments and sing along!
So why don't you come along and join in our Rhythm Time adventure, we'd love to meet you and help you and your little one discover the magic of music.

If you're interested in our Young Baby courses, for babies under 6 months, they run at certain times of the year, but rest assured that if they're isn't a specific introductory young baby course in your area, all of our baby classes run from birth and you'd be welcome at any of them.

If you'd like to book in to any of our classes, click on 'Find a class' in the top right corner and enter your postcode...see you soon!
Sarah xx


“Giorgio and I love it. Each week I see him grow in confidence and become even more enthusiastic! He seems to have a natural rhythm (not from me!) and loves to dance along to all types of music. Thanks Sarah!”

 —Giorgio & Nicola Avella (from Facebook)

“I love it Ethan loves it too he joins in now it's really great for him thank u Sarah xx”

 —Ethan & Jenny (from Facebook)

“Love it, it has helped I with his listening and language skills. We love it!”

 —Isaac & Claire (from Facebook)

“Started Rhythm Time a few weeks ago with my daughter Sofia. Excellent for mummy and baby, we both have so much fun. Highly recommended!”

 —Sofia & Sarah-Jane (from Facebook)

Come and join in the fun...