Happiness is life set to music

Ana Bowers


“The classes are really well structured and organised. I enjoy it because my son enjoys it and I like that we make time to sing.”


“I love the fact that my son can meet other children through music, and the classes are run locally so I meet people in the community. The quality of the lessons means that I learn too which helps me bond with my son. The content of the lessons is fun for the children and informative for the parents. We both really enjoy Rhythm Time, thank you.”


“We have great fun and I like making lots of noise. My favourite thing about Rhythm Time is watching the children enjoy themselves and getting so absorbed in the music. Keep it up!”


“my son {27 months} has been attending this class for over a year and absolutely loves it! We are out and about every day doing different classes and activities but this is his favourite. He sings the songs to himself all the time- its so cute! I thought I knew pretty well alL the nursery rhymes that there were until we joined this- i now know differently!I have recommended this to lots of friends and now 7 of them take their littlies, too!”


“"We come to Rhythm Time because it's fun and we like music!"”

 —Andrew (aged 2 1/2)

“For Milly it has been beneficial for her to take instructions from the teacher, it has also given more confidence to do things in public and in front of others. The classes are run locally which make me feel part of a community, and it teaches children valuable social skills. Milly has no idea she is learning as she is too busy enjoying herself.”


“The list of benefits is endless. It promotes working as a group, listening skills, social manners, logistical problem solving, and of course a natural respect and nurturing of musical abilities. I particularly like the fact that all the children and parents work together as a group.”


“Singing allows an opportunity to learn in a different medium - a more subtle approach to numbers/colours etc. Rhythm Time encourages active listening, responce and reflection upon previous songs/experiences.”


“Rhythm Time helps my son develop various skills, including hand/eye co-ordination. I also like how my son can explore different instruments and sounds in a caring environment that is positive where everyone is praised, it's lovely! Barney and I really look forward to coming to rhythm time each week. Barney recognises the songs and movements when I do it at home and gets very excited.”


“The main benefit Emily’s classes have on my daughter, Annie, is her confidence. Annie can be on the shy/timid side, but I see the different in her at Rhythm Time. Also, I really think it’s developing her musicality. I am really pleased we found Rhythm Time, thanks for the great classes - something to look forward to each week.”

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