Happiness is life set to music

Jackie Murray


Hi I'm Jackie, I run the Rhythm Time Franchise in your local area.

Music and singing have always been very important to me, I have sung & played instruments in school choirs, orchestra, guitar group, church groups, amateur dramatics, I've been in a band and love a bit of karaoke!

I'm married and have 2 grown up step daughters, 2 grandchildren and my daughter who's at Primary School. I've realised first hand, how music positively impacts upon the development of babies and young children.

Rhythm Time gives me the opportunity to do something I love doing, whilst helping develop young children in a fun way and also allows me to have a working life that is flexible for my family.

Rhythm Time uses an exciting combination of excellent music lessons with percussion instruments, song, dance, exercise & fantastic sensory materials such as light balls, bubbles, foil blanket, pom poms (and much more!) to aid in the development and confidence of the children who come along to classes, giving them a great start in life and music.

If you think this is something that you and your child would enjoy then please get in touch. I'd be delighted to welcome you to one of our classes.


Come and join in the fun...