Happiness is life set to music

Jackie Murray


“The children enjoyed all the ways to make music. They're attention was kept the whole time. They loved the songs that were sung and the different ways they were made interesting. I would recommend Rhythm Time to my friends and would have Jill back again next year!”

 —Pauline held a 2nd birthday party for daughter, Chloe.

“I took my daughter from age 2, I really wish I'd known about it sooner as she loved it. We saw her develop her ability to learn songs/rhymes, tidy her things away, share with other children etc. Having the CD to play at home was excellent and continued the class way beyond class time.”


“I think the class is excellent, my daughter loves coming and sings the songs all week long. I like the way the class is structured, equipment is shared and tidied up before next song. I like the wide range of music and rhyme.”


“Sessions are very good and well equipped. They are a great experience for the children to be part of. The dancing and movement helps their physical development, whilst using the instruments helps with their hand-eye co-ordination. The lessons are also very good for the children's social competence as they sing with friends and with Jill & Rat a Tat. Jill is always very cheerful and enthusiastic, even the staff love to join in!”

 —Step by Step Private Nursery, Cumbernauld

“"The children (0-3 yrs) who attend the Rhythm Time sessions throroughly enjoy themselves. They like using the various musical instruments and we know the older children enjoy learning new songs as they have been singing them outwith the class! We feel the children benefit from Rhythm Time in developing their language skills as the repetition in the songs and rhymes help this. The activities also help their social awareness skills as they interact with each other taking turns and sharing."”

 —Larbert Day Nursery

“I attend the baby classes with my 6 month old son, Kyle, and the toddler classes with my 2.5 year old daughter, Nicole. We all really look forward to coming to class each week. Kyle laughs his way through class, in particular he loves the dancing and I enjoy knowing that it is helping him with his balance and coordination, he also enjoys massage. Nicole's confidence and singing skills have improved greatly. At home, she has replaced talking with singing! She runs into her Rhythm Time classes every week and when she leaves she can’t wait to tell everyone about it! The classes are great fun and they are always different and introducing new songs and equipment each week. My kids particularly love the scarves, hoops and triangles! As a parent it has increased bonding with both my kids in particular, my baby boy, Kyle. I love spending time with them in the classes and it give us all something to look forward to each week. Jill always makes us feel very welcome and her great singing voice and attitude make her class a great place to be. We have even booked Jill for Kyle's 1st birthday party. Great job Jill, we are all looking forward to next term!”

 —Kirsty from Kilsyth

“It helps my son with language, physical and social development. It also give me confidence and skills as I use what I have learned at home. It gives me the opportunity to bond and have fun with my son. He loves the musical instruments and I love seeing him smile lots.”


“I have two girls and they are so excited when I tell them they are going to Rhythm time. My 1.5 year old loves to sing the rhythmic patterns - she will use anything she can to pretend it's a microphone (even fruit shoots!) and gets everyone to repeat what she sings. My 3 year old loves to tell me all the new terms she has learned like "crescendo" and likes to post letters at home "just like Postman Pat". The girls also love to sing together about Ratatat the Rabbit - the class may be 30 mins long but it really lasts all week in our house!”

 —Elaine, 2 girls - Kilsyth

“Ethan's favourite bit was "doing music"!! I enjoyed the way that Jill took charge of the party from the start, keeping the activities moving with lots of variety. Children having lots of fun, lots of giggles and joining in. I was pleased with the range and variety of activities and the pace of the party! The birthday hat and big drum were also a big hit!”

 —Lynn had a 3rd birthday party for her son
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