Happiness is life set to music

Claire Drewe-Smith


“It's a brilliant class. It's not just messing about with different instruments, the children are actually being introduced to lots of music theory from an early age! It's varied and fast paced. My baby and toddler both love it.”

 —Sarah, Chapelford

“Lovely little class! My baby loves the musical instruments and experimenting with bubbles and music!”

 —Kim, Chapelford

“Me and my 8 week old have just finished the baby taster session and we have signed up for next term. I can't believe how much my little one has come on and we bring singing and dancing into our daily routine. These classes come highly recommended not just for baby development but for you to meet other mummy's and share ideas 😊x”


““Thank you so much for all your help with Nieve. She has come on a treat. Her confidence has really grown. We have had a wonderful time at Rhythm Time. Thank you so much for making a huge difference in Nieve's little life. We will always remember your kindness.””

 —Nieve's mummy, Frodsham

“I came as a baby to the class and my mummy has changed her work schedule so I can come back.”


“We are going to live in New Zealand, but I will keep singing and listening to the CD`s.”


“I have been going to the Chapelford group since my son was 8 weeks old (he’s nearly 10 months now). I can honestly say we have enjoyed every class. Our teacher Claire is amazing at what she does - she makes every class fun and we learn something new every week! I think rhythm time has helped with so many of my son's development skills.”

 —Clare, Chapelford

“Just to let you know that I’ve signed up for Jake to start coming to your classes from next week. After a shaky start, he really settled into the class and enjoyed himself. I think that with each week his enjoyment will grow and I’m sure it will be beneficial for his development. I also really enjoyed the class and thought it was great fun and extremely well organised. I will look forward to seeing you next week. Thank you for the opportunity for me to bring Jake to your wonderful class.”

 —Jake's mummy, Chapelford

“Freya made lots of friends at the class in Warrington and learnt all the songs and dances.”


“Brilliant classes, great value, with experienced friendly teacher. Can highly recommend”

 —Sarah, Padgate
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