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Job Opportunities

If you want to plan your working day so you can spend quality time with your family and also be available during school holidays, becoming a Rhythm Time class leader or class assistant might just be the opportunity for you.

Being a class leader brings many rewards, not least being a strong sense of job satisfaction. What could be better than seeing a shy child come out of his or her shell, develop a level of confidence and express themselves creatively?

As a class leader you are responsible for your class and ensuring that every child receives the correct level of encouragement and support.

But you are not on your own.

When classes are full, a class leader may have an assistant to help them during the session. It is the job of the assistant to make sure everything runs smoothly and effectively. This means that the leader can concentrate on delivering the lesson and parents and children get the most out of the Rhythm Time experience.

If you would like to find out about opportunities in your local area, just get in touch with your local Rhythm Time contact in our 'find a class' facility.

teaching opportunities teaching opportunities
And so the musical journey begins...