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News: Baby Boom Boosts Rhythm Time Business Franchises

Baby classes stimulate all of a baby's senses

Britain’s new population explosion is boosting demand for Rhythm Time baby music classes as the business franchises expand across the UK.

The fastest growth in the UK population in half a century has resulted in more mums and dads taking their children to Rhythm Time baby music classes.

This growing demand for baby music classes will in coming years generate even more demand for the business franchises’ toddler and pre-school music classes as the children grow and develop their three C’s – confidence, creativity and co-ordination – with Rhythm Time.

Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show that more than 791,000 children were born in Britain in 2008, up 33,000 on 2007. Numbers expected to rise again in 2009. Sales figures from Tesco also point to a 51 per cent rise in pregnancy-related products.

There has also been an increase in the number of IVF treatments and a growth in the number of women in their 30s and 40s having children.

Rhythm Time marketing adviser and mother-of-two Tracy Evans said: “Some of our franchises have really excelled in getting more babies into their classes – despite the current economic climate and increased competition in the pre-school education sector.”

Rhythm Time promotes baby and toddler early learning through music. Many of its business franchises have been started by mums who brought their children along to classes then decided to join the success story themselves.

Franchises from Rhythm Time are popular with people who want to enjoy a better quality of working life, take greater control over their work-life balance and help improve the lives of children and families across their local communities.

Cheshire franchise owner Frances Donkin runs almost 120 classes each week with more than 1,550 children attending “and this is growing all the time.”

Frances said: “I came across Rhythm Time in 1995 when I took my daughter to the very first class in the Midlands. We both loved the sessions very much and I was then very lucky to be given the opportunity to work as a Rhythm Time teacher.

“My musical background was not vast, being a very mediocre piano player for my own pleasure and singing in choirs, but with the training and support offered to me, my confidence grew and I have never looked back.”

She launched her franchise in January 2000 when she moved to Cheshire with her husband’s work: “We didn’t know the area but it was the perfect opportunity to get out and discover it.

“Having every confidence in the quality of the Rhythm Time classes I knew it was simply a matter of work finding halls and advertising. As I had hoped, the classes sold themselves and other teachers were recruited and trained to help me expand my business,” she said.

“I could never have previously imagined running my own business around the family, yet it works so well. Now the business has expanded to such a size, there is a lot of work involved but the rewards, both personal and financial, make it worthwhile.”

Rhythm Time was created 15 years ago in Solihull by mother Kathy Doolan who was previously head of music in a Scottish school. She trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama in Glasgow.

The business franchises operate in nearly 200 different premises, helping more than 10,000 children across the UK.

For more information about starting a Rhythm Time small business franchise, please contact Kathy Doolan, founder and director or Tracy Evans, marketing adviser, 0121 711 4224, [email protected] or

Posted: 12th Nov 2009

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