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News: Rhythm Time Music Classes For Toddlers More Popular Than Ever

Learning rhythm and pitch in a Toddler class

Rhythm Time music classes for toddlers are proving more popular than ever as parents rush to give their children a musical head start.

Toddlers who learn the importance of musical pitch and rhythm at an early age will be better prepared for school music tests that decide whether or not they can go on to learn instruments.

Toddlers represent more than half of all youngsters developing their three C’s – confidence, creativity and co-ordination – at Rhythm Time.

Rhythm Time operates from nearly 200 different premises across the UK, helping around 10,000 children every week, 53 per cent of them toddlers.

Music classes for toddlers have this year grown at a faster rate than ever before.

Lots of the children who start with Rhythm Time’s music classes for babies continue with music classes for toddlers and then go on the group’s pre-school music classes.

Rhythm Time differs from other early learning classes because its music classes have been developed in parallel with the National Curriculum by a former head of music at a Scottish school.

Rhythm Time was created 15 years ago in Solihull by mother of two Kathy Doolan who trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama in Glasgow.

“Rhythm Time music classes for toddlers have been designed to help them develop their concentration, co-ordination, listening skills and vocal ability,” said Kathy.

The youngsters – aged 15 months to three years old – take part in a series of fun musical activities some of which involve listening to various rhythms and then imitating them.

This activity helps to develop their musical ear, listening skills and vocal ability in a fun environment.

Development of their ‘musical ear’ is vital in helping them to pass music tests that they will undergo at school when they wish to start learning to play any instrument.

Kathy said: “Every child is musical and has a sense of rhythm. However, a sense of pulse is something that has to be taught. In our music classes for toddlers, the children cover a wide range of musical skills such as learning to tap in time, playing fast and slow and imitating musical phrases.”

Music teachers and parents with a knowledge of music who have attended Rhythm Time classes understand the importance of these lessons and how they can give children a head start when they begin school.

For more information about music classes for toddlers or how to start a franchise with Rhythm Time, please contact Kathy Doolan, founder and director or Tracy Evans, marketing adviser, 0121 711 4224,

Posted: 1st Dec 2009

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