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News: Rhythm Time Baby Classes Enjoy Dancing the Scottish Way

Young Toddlers pictured with their Rhythm Time teacher

Throughout this term Rhythm Time music classes for babies up and down the country will enjoy taking part in Scottish country dancing in recognition of the 250th anniversary of Scotland’s national poet Robert Burns.

The babies range in age from newborns through to 15 months. Held by their parents, the babies weave in and out of each other, interacting and waving while enjoying the fun and exciting music. Research shows that dancing helps to develop babies’ inner ear and sense of balance and so this is not only fun but also important for their development.

Rhythm Time owner and founder Kathy Doolan explains: “This is great fun for the babies, parents and carers alike! Each term brings new and exciting material to the classes and we thought it would be nice to have a Scottish theme at this time of year, particularly as it’s the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns. New research has found that babies are born with a natural sense of rhythm and that music stimulates every part of a child’s brain. It is our fundamental belief at Rhythm Time that an early love of music should be nurtured and every child should have the opportunity to experience this magic of music.”

Babies can come along from birth and progress through to toddler and pre-school age appropriate classes. The courses are written by an experienced music teacher whose passion for music and love of children comes through in all the classes. The baby classes use exciting songs, music, percussion instruments and multi-sensory equipment such as balls, mirrors, scarves, lycra, sensory blankets and much more, all to stimulate a baby’s senses.

Posted: 2nd Feb 2009

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