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News: Rhythm Time Launches Educational Song & Rhyme Booklet

Image of Booklet From Waking To Sleeping

Rhythm Time has launched its first ever educational booklet called ‘From Waking to Sleeping’. It complements the developmental learning approach used in the Rhythm Time music classes for babies and reinforces the developmental benefits gained by using music and singing in every day activities. This helps to stimulate vital brain connections that must be made in the first year of a baby’s life.

The booklet has been written by Rhythm Time’s owner and founder, Kathy Doolan. It contains simple fun songs and rhymes to accompany activities throughout the day such as changing a baby’s nappy, play time, quiet time and bath time, giving explanations of the developmental benefits to the baby for each activity.

Kathy explains why she wrote the booklet: “Many parents tell me how much they enjoy our baby classes and ask what more they could do at home. This booklet gives parents useful ideas of when to use the songs and rhymes and explains why music and song are so fundamental to a baby’s development. I truly believe that every baby is innately musical and even when they are tiny, babies are very perceptive listeners. The booklet helps to reinforce the approach we use in our classes and provides a useful guide of how and when to introduce music to a baby's daily activities."

***Copies can now be purchased through our online shop***

Posted: 1st Jun 2009

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