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News: More Mums Choose A Rhythm Time Small Business Franchise

Children singing at their pre-school class

Lifestyle changes are prompting growing numbers of young mothers to search out small business franchise opportunities involving baby and toddler music classes.

Rhythm Time – which promotes baby and toddler early learning through music – reports increasing numbers of mums wanting to join and set up groups across the UK.

Reasons vary – some are investing redundancy cheques in a cost effective and proven small business franchise, others want a better quality of working life.

But they all share a common bond of community. They all want to run a local small business franchise that makes a real difference, improving the lives of babies, toddlers and young families, whilst fitting in around family commitments.

“People want something more out of life. They see Rhythm Time as a new challenge, the next chapter in their lives,” said Rhythm Time marketing adviser and mother-of-two Tracy Evans.

“More and more parents are realising that they don’t have to make the work/life sacrifices they had to make years ago. With a Rhythm Time franchise, they can have a career and still be there for their children.”

Rhythm Time is well established with thousands of children attending classes each week. It began in the West Midlands and has grown successfully over the last 15 years.

Tens of thousands of children have benefited over the last decade and a half. Many now play musical instruments and have achieved high marks in Associated Board music exams – with some excelling going on to choir schools.

Classes focus on exciting songs, action rhymes and percussion playing. They are run in church halls at the heart of communities:

Baby classes (birth to 15 months) – multi-sensory experiences to stimulate all the senses. The activities develop important brain connections, eye-tracking, balance, speech and language.

Toddler classes (15 months to three years) – lots of singing and dancing along with activities to improve listening skills and concentration. Various instruments are explored and rhythmic imitation aids vocal development.

Pre-school classes (from three years) – ideal preparation for going to school. Music notation is introduced to the children and they learn to recognise a variety of musical signs. They listen to brass, woodwind and string instruments and learn to conduct the class band!

Rhythm Time was created 15 years ago in Solihull by mother Kathy Doolan who used her professional musical expertise to create an enjoyable and valuable learning experience for children.

Kathy, who trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama in Glasgow, was previously head of music in a Scottish school.

She launched Rhythm Time as a small business franchise 10 years ago. It now operates in nearly 200 different premises, helping more than 10,000 children gain and improve their three C’s – confidence, creativity and co-ordination.

Recent research by the University of London has confirmed that learning music at school can help a child’s behaviour, memory and intelligence.

Professor Susan Hallam analysed scores of studies on the benefits of music to children in a government-commissioned study to coincide with the launch of the first National Year of Music in September 2009.

Researchers discovered that musically-trained pupils can remember almost a fifth more information than their non-musical counterparts.

US studies have shown that playing an instrument improves children's behaviour because working in small musical groups requires trust, respect and compromise.

For more information about starting a Rhythm Time small business franchise, please contact Kathy Doolan, founder and director or Tracy Evans, marketing adviser, 0121 711 4224, [email protected] or

Posted: 29th Sep 2009

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