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News: Rhythm Time Franchisee Celebrates Sixth Successful Year Of Working With Children

Franchisee Heather Hemsley pictured with Rhythm Time Mascot Rat-a-tat

Rhythm Time franchisee, Heather Hemsley, has just entered her sixth successful year of working as a Rhythm Time franchisee.

Heather had always enjoyed working with children and it was her combined love of music and children that led her to Rhythm Time.

Rhythm Time Wolverhampton franchisee, Heather Hemsley, has just celebrated her sixth year of working as a Rhythm Time franchisee.

Heather had always enjoyed working with children and after working as a primary school teacher for 25 years, Heather decided she needed a new venture in life.

“I came across Rhythm Time whilst I was on the internet. Having not heard of pre-school music groups before, it sparked an interest that I quickly followed up by meeting Rhythm Time’s founder Kathy Doolan.” said Heather.

“Kathy’s passion and enthusiasm soon got me excited. Rhythm Time was all about music, fun, movement and working with children. It also gave me the opportunity to start my own business. I had not considered running my own business before, but I was quickly tempted by the future possibilities.”

Six years on Heather’s business has gone from strength to strength. She has established 30 weekly classes and hasn’t looked back once.

Rhythm Time is a set of unique music courses specially written for different age groups. The programme was written by Kathy who is a graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music.

Each course helps with development and learning, starting with stimulating baby classes leading on to exciting toddler and pre-school sessions.

Heather added: “Becoming part of Rhythm Time has been a life changing decision for me. I’ve tackled issues related to running a business that I could not have foreseen, but now love the challenge of them and of course I am working with children which is fantastic.”

“I was not the most IT literate person before, but Rhythm Time’s admin system has been very straightforward to learn and there’s always friendly support from Head Office.”

Rhythm Time operates in nearly 200 different premises throughout the UK, helping more than 10,000 children weekly to enjoy the benefits of coming to a quality music class.

Music classes for babies are fantastic fun and can begin as early as six weeks old. In the classes babies are stimulated visually, aurally and physically and music is vital in helping both sides of a baby’s brain to develop.

At around 15 months children progress onto the toddler classes which are cleverly written to help a child’s confidence, creativity and co-ordination grow – the three c’s.

Founder and Director of Rhythm Time Kathy Doolan said “Heather has made a tremendous success of her business. It was great that she could turn her enjoyment of working with children into such a successful business venture.”

If you enjoy working with children and would like more information about Rhythm Time franchise opportunities, please contact Kathy Doolan, founder and director or Tracy Evans, marketing adviser, 0121 711 4224,

Posted: 26th Jan 2010

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