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Rhythm Time Franchisee Wins Business Franchise Growth Award

Lynne O'Malley Pictured With Rat-a-Tat And Children

Rhythm Time Franchisee, Lynne O’Malley has won the award for the fastest growing business franchise at the company’s annual awards held in the Midlands.

The award recognises the fastest business franchise growth over a two year period and takes into account how many children were attending classes at the start of the two year period and how many were attending classes at the end of the two years.

Posted: 25th Feb 2010 | Read the full article…

Pre-School Kazoo Fun At Rhythm Time

Rhythm Time Teacher Linda Bevan pictured with children from pre-school music class

Rhythm Time pre-school children have had great fun this term making kazoos for use in their Rhythm Time music classes.

The kazoos are ancient woodwind instruments believed to originate from Africa. Their distinct sound comes from air vibrating a membrane.

Posted: 9th Feb 2010 | Read the full article…