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News: Pre-School Kazoo Fun At Rhythm Time

Rhythm Time Teacher Linda Bevan pictured with children from pre-school music class

Rhythm Time pre-school children have had great fun this term making kazoos for use in their Rhythm Time music classes.

The kazoos are ancient woodwind instruments believed to originate from Africa. Their distinct sound comes from air vibrating a membrane.

Rhythm Time teacher Kate Maddock explains: “The children are encouraged to personalise their kazoos by making their own fun designs. At the pre-school classes we sing simple songs through the kazoos. The children all love the unusual sound they make and take great pride in their many colourful creations!”

Music classes for pre-school start from three years and are an ideal preparation for going to school. Music notation is introduced to the children and they learn to recognise a variety of musical signs. They listen to brass, woodwind and string instruments and learn to conduct the class band as well as lots of fun dancing, singing and playing percussion instruments.

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Posted: 9th Feb 2010

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