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News: Rhythm Time Baby Music Classes Aids Development Of Maternal Bonding

Baby Having Fun With Her Mum At Music Classes For Babies

As Mother’s Day approaches, it is timely to reflect on the maternal bond between a mother and child. Rhythm Time music classes for babies helps this bond to grow at a vital time in a baby’s development.

The maternal bond between a mother and child usually starts in pregnancy and Rhythm Time’s Solihull based owner and founder Kathy Doolan is a firm believer in singing to your unborn child to start the bonding process very early on in pregnancy.

Says Kathy: “Bonding is a gradually unfolding experience. It happens at different times for everyone, it can take hours, days, weeks or even months to develop.”

“At Rhythm Time music classes for babies we offer parents quality time away from distractions of the home to have a special one to one bonding in a friendly, fun setting. We emphasise the importance of making eye contact with young babies whilst singing, reciting rhymes and taking part in the many exciting and stimulating activities. We also encourage a lot of rocking and dancing which helps to stimulate the vestibular system helping with a baby’s balance, spacial awareness and is a vital part of the developing auditory system.”

Rhythm Time music classes are suitable for babies as young as just a few weeks old. The bonding process continues as babies move on to the classes for toddlers at around 15 months.

“We also get many dads and grandparents enjoying the special bonding process at our classes.” adds Kathy.

For more information about Rhythm Time’s classes for babies, toddlers or pre-school, contact 0121 711 4224 or log onto the website for a free trial session at:

Posted: 10th Mar 2010

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