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News: Rhythm Time Promotes Music For Babies And Toddlers Through New CD

Kathy Doolan with baby at music classes for babies

Successful music franchise group Rhythm Time has launched a new CD packed full of fun music for babies, toddlers and pre-school children.

The CD has been written to complement the music classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. It is packed full of fun songs, music and rhymes that the children can listen to at home.

Playing along to the music with instruments helps children express and communicate their ideas. The rhymes can help children understand how language works and the way that sounds can be predicted.

There is evidence that suggests that music aids memory development and retrieval in pre-school children. Children enjoy repetition, and singing familiar songs is a very important way to help develop their vocal cords, language skills and confidence.

Rhythm Time was established 15 years ago by Kathy Doolan who is a firm believer in the power and importance of music for babies, toddlers and pre-school children. Kathy is a graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and set up Rhythm Time after having her own children.

Kathy created a set of unique music courses especially written for different age groups: babies, toddlers and pre-school. Children progress through the different age appropriate classes making a seamless transition at their key developmental stages.

Says Kathy: “Each term there’s a new CD to accompany our toddler classes. I believe that every baby is innately musical and even when babies are tiny, they are very perceptive listeners and naturally receptive to the nuances of pitch and rhythm.”

“Most babies come to experience our classes at around six weeks, but our youngest ever baby came recently and was just three days old.” says Kathy.

“Music helps a baby’s social, emotional and neurological development and singing to your baby is especially important as it is crucial to the command of language.” adds Kathy.

Research shows that babies need to have all their senses stimulated. Rhythm Time’s music classes for babies aim to stimulate vision, listening and sense of touch by using songs, percussion instruments and a wide range of sensory activities with specially chosen music for babies.

According to Jessica Pitt from the Pre-School Music Association: “Babies seem to learn best when songs are experienced through their bodies. Movement and music greatly enhance acquisition of language.”

At around 15 months, music classes for toddlers offer a completely new set of courses created to help a child’s confidence, creativity and co-ordination.

Toddlers learn to listen and improve their concentration with the help of Rhythm Time’s puppet Rat-a-tat. Hand eye co-ordination and motor skills are strengthened by using a wide variety of instruments.

From three years, music classes for pre-school provide an ideal preparation for going to school. Music notation is introduced to the children and they learn to recognise a variety of musical signs. They listen to brass, woodwind and string instruments and learn to conduct the class band!

Adds Kathy: “The physical benefits of music in early years are immense. Listening to the CD outside the classes gives children familiarity with the course material and increases their confidence in the classes.”

“It’s wonderful to see the most shy child in the class come up and sing a rhythm pattern after gaining confidence from listening to their CD at home or in the car.”

Rhythm Time is a family owned franchised business and continues to grow from strength to strength. If you share the same belief in music for babies and children, contact Kathy to find out about Rhythm Time’s franchise opportunities on 0121 711 4224,

Posted: 30th Apr 2010

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