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News: Rhythm Time Springs Into Easter With Their Very Own Bunny

Rhythm Time pictured with pre-school children having Easter fun with Rat-a-Tat

There’s a spring in the step at Rhythm Time’s music classes this week as children have lots of pre-Easter fun with unique themed songs, dances and activities.

As the first term in 2010 comes to a close ahead of the Easter holidays, it’s time for the latest graduates to receive their certificates and treats in recognition of the fun time they’ve had.

During this term the babies have enjoyed Irish dancing on St. Patrick’s Day and lots of fun activities to help stimulate their senses, such as playing with building blocks, feathers and paper bags.

The toddlers have enjoyed listening to various sounds such as bird song, cymbals and the piano. Everyone had great fun playing with paper plates and dancing together.

With just one more term left before this year’s pre-schoolers leave to go to ‘big school’ they have enjoyed listening to woodwind instruments as well as exploring high and low vocal sounds. The highlight of the term was making their unique kazoos and dancing to pizzicato from Sylvie by the famous composer Delibes.

Local Rhythm Time owner and founder, Kathy Doolan said: “Spring is always a fun time of year for us at Rhythm Time as our cuddly white rabbit mascot, Rat-a-tat really sets the whole Easter theme.”

She adds: “The children look forward to their weekly visits from Rat-a-tat who lives in his hat and these sessions are made even more special by the magical Easter song that they sing with him.”

Posted: 1st Apr 2010

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