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News: Children’s Franchise Group, Rhythm Time, raises nearly £1400 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Rhythm Time fundraising to support the work of the Hello campaign at Birmingham Children's Hospital

Rhythm Time, one of the UK’s fastest growing children’s franchise groups, has raised nearly £1400 for patients at Birmingham Children’s Hospital during July 2011 in support of the National Year of Communication’s Hello Campaign.

Rhythm Time has been working closely with Speech and Language Therapy Specialists at BCH to promote early language development and interaction opportunities through music for some of their young patients. 

“Many of the children we work with are in hospital for weeks, months and even years of their lives.  Without the everyday interaction opportunities that most of us take for granted, the children in our hospital are at huge risk of falling behind in their development and this can impact on them when they leave the hospital” says Jo Matthews, Senior Speech & Language Therapist at BCH.

“To try to prevent this happening as far as possible, our communication through music groups will aim to promote this early language development.  If the children in hospital were able to access more groups like this, we could certainly reduce the impact of hospitalisation on their early development” she adds.

Many of the songs and musical activities enjoyed at Rhythm Time’s music classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers will be used at the Hospital in this new initiative and Kathy Doolan, founder and MD of Rhythm Time is proud to be involved: “We are delighted to be able to work so closely with Birmingham Children’s Hospital in this extremely important area of work” she says, “and we will continue to do what we can to support them”.

Jo Matthews, who attended Rhythm Time sessions with her own child believes that the Company’s classes provide excellent opportunities for communication development, both for the early foundations and beyond. “We felt that we could effectively use the Rhythm Time class principles in the hospital to meet our aims and given that their fantastic resources are readily available and appropriate to a variety of ages and developmental stages, we were keen to work with Rhythm Time on this project” she adds.

The money raised by all the participating staff and parents at Rhythm Time will be used to purchase ‘communication bags’ for the young patients and their families, thus providing them with the resources they need for development and interaction opportunities.

This collaboration is further evidence of the continued success of Rhythm Time, an organisation passionate about the benefits of music for babies, toddlers and pre-school children.

Within each children’s franchise at Rhythm Time, youngsters enjoy a unique set of music courses that have been specifically written by Kathy (previously Head of Music at a Scottish school) and created to help a child’s confidence, creativity and co-ordination.  The classes are aimed at different age groups, specifically:music classes for babies (from birth to 14 months), music classes for toddlers (15 months to 3 years), and music classes for pre-schoolers (3 – 5 years).  A child can show key signs of development at each stage, so it is highly beneficial to progress throughout all 3 age groups.

Latest figures from Rhythm Time and their children’s franchise group show that approximately 9500 children attend their sessions across 300 venues.  Franchisee growth is also at an all-time high, with 12 new franchisees  buying a music franchise in 2011 so far. This brings the total to 36 since 2000. Rhythm Time is also delighted to announce the purchase of their latest children’s franchise in the Salisbury and Andover area, starting in January 2012.

The main attractions for new franchisees investing in a Rhythm Time franchise are a love of music, working with children, and having a career that fits around their family commitments.

For more information on a Rhythm Time children’s franchise throughout the UK, contact Kathy Doolan on 0121 711 4224 or visit their website at

Posted: 25th Aug 2011

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