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News: Music Franchise Group Announces Growth in Class Numbers for January 2012

Kathy Doolan

Successful Music Franchise Group, Rhythm Time, is pleased to announce a 6.91% growth in the number of children attending its music classes in January 2012. This growth is based on the previous term's class figures in September 2011.

This continued growth means that approximately 10,000 children a week enjoy Rhythm Time's fun and educational music classes across the UK.
Across Rhythm Time's three different age groups (Babies, Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers), the Pre-School classes show the highest increase at 29% growth.

“This particular growth demonstrates that children in our music classes benefit enormously from moving up through the classes, starting at ourmusic classes for babiesand continuing up through our toddler classes, and finally into our pre-school classes‚" says Kathy Doolan, owner and founder of Rhythm Time. “There is continuity and development of skills at each stage, and when they finally move into our pre-school class, it is the culmination of all the musical knowledge and ability they've developed so far and a perfect preparation for going to school and playing an instrument" she adds.

January has also seen a rise in the number of enquiries for Rhythm Time's Music Franchise opportunities with over six quality leads in the first two weeks of the month. Rhythm Time's latest two franchisees starting in January 2012 have got off to an excellent start, with busy classes and a continuing number of new enquiries to join their music classes for babies and music classes for toddlers.

According to the British Franchise Association, the last 20 years has seen the franchise industry's annual turnover grow from £5 billion to £12.4 billion. The number of franchisee outlets has also grown from 18,300 to nearly 37,000. This demonstrates how attractive franchising is currently seen to be in this economic climate, especially for those individuals seeking a change in career and wanting to enjoy a better work/life balance.

Each music franchise owner at Rhythm Time decided to join the company because of their love of music and desire to work with children. “If you put the hard work in, the benefits are tremendous" says Claire Matthews, the latest Rhythm Time franchisee covering Salisbury. “The satisfaction of seeing the children you teach develop so many skills as well as a love for music is amazing. Plus the fact that you can run a successful business that fits around your own family commitments" she adds.

Rhythm Time's unique set of music courses have been specifically written by Kathy (previously Head of Music at a Scottish school and graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama). The courses have been created to help every child's development and are aimed at different age groups, specifically: music classes for babies (from birth to 15 months), music classes for toddlers (15 months to 3 years), and music classes for pre-school (3 -5 years). Kathy is a strong advocate of music being crucial in helping to develop a child's speech and language from an early age and this forms a key element in all the classes.

Rhythm Time is an established company offering exceptional opportunities to those wanting to invest in a successful children's music franchise.

If you would like to know more about Rhythm Time and the opportunities it can offer, contact Kathy Doolan at Rhythm Time on 0121 711 4224 or visit

Posted: 18th Jan 2012

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