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News: Musical Play within Hospitals on the Increase for Children's Music Franchise Group, Rhythm Time

Children's Music Franchise Group Owner

Rhythm Time, one of the leading children's music franchise groups in the UK, has announced an increasing demand in the last 12 months for their children's music sessions to be held within a hospital setting.

A number of Rhythm Time's franchisees are now working closely with some of their local hospitals to provide valuable benefits to the hospitals' young patients through musical play.

Rhythm Time, established in 1995 by Kathy Doolan (previously Head of Music at a Scottish school), was specifically created to enable youngsters to enjoy a unique set of music courses and develop their confidence, creativity and co-ordination. The classes are aimed at different age groups: music classes for babies (from birth to 14 months), music classes for toddlers(15 months to 3 years), and music classes for pre-school (3 to 5 years).

Vicky Taramasco, Rhythm Time Franchise Owner within the Midlands, and previously a nurse for 10 years, has been heavily involved in this initiative within one of her local hospitals. "We have had an absolutely wonderful response from the children who we have been making music with," she says. Some of these young patients have been here for most of their young lives and to be able to break up their normal routine with an activity that they enjoy so much is wonderful. Yes, these children are very poorly, but they are still babies and youngsters who love their playtime, and this creates a rare chance for them to enjoy themselves by making music and singing. What we do is tailored to their own individual needs, but most of the babies and children will be able to hold a percussion instrument and play along to one of our songs. The Rhythm Time concept also provides excellent opportunities for early language development and interaction as well as physical and mental stimulation," she adds.

Last year, Rhythm Time also worked closely with speech and language therapy specialists at Birmingham Children's Hospital as part of the Hospital's 'Hello' Campaign.

Without the everyday interaction opportunities that most of us take for granted, the children in our hospital who have been with us for a long time are at huge risk of falling behind in their development. This can impact on them when they leave the hospital," says Jo Matthews, Senior Speech & Language Therapist at BCH.

To try to prevent this from happening as far as possible, our communication through music groups aim to promote this early language development. If the children in hospital were able to access more groups like this, we could certainly reduce the impact of hospitalisation on their early development," she adds.

The benefits of music are now being promoted across many hospitals in the UK. Additional Rhythm Time franchisees in the Cheshire area have recently become involved by providing music sessions to young patients at their local hospitals, particularly in the area of premature babies and the stimulating effect that music and massage can have on their development. Quiet, gentle music can also provide enormous relaxation benefits.

This collaboration is further evidence of the continued success of Rhythm Time children's music franchise group, an organisation passionate about the benefits of music for babies, toddlers and pre-school children.

For more information on Rhythm Time or for details of one of their children's music franchise opportunities, contact 0121 711 4224 or visit their website at


Posted: 29th Mar 2012

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