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News: Rhythm Time Announces Two New Franchisees to Join Their Successful Music Franchise Group

Fiona Haining

Rhythm Time is proud to announce that two further franchisees will be joining the Company over the next two months, thus expanding their network of children's music classes across the UK.

Fiona Haining will be launching her Rhythm Time music classes in Aberdeen with free demonstrations on Saturday 28th July and Saturday 11th August. Fiona, who has enjoyed singing in choirs and playing the piano from an early age, is extremely keen to use her skills to help encourage musical skills in young children. "I have been attending a sing-along group with my son for some time now, and I can see the positive influence this has had. However, I feel that a more structured musical group would bring a much higher degree of benefit which is why I decided to invest in a Rhythm Time music franchise and bring its quality music courses to this area," she says.

Sally Leyland, who has also recently invested in a Rhythm Time franchise, is taking over existing classes in the Bolton and surrounding area from the previous franchisee who is leaving to have her third baby. Sally, who plays (and teaches) several musical instruments including the piano, clarinet, saxophone, flute and recorder, has also been a volunteer for her local NCT (National Childbirth Trust) and has a great deal of experience working with young children. Sally is delighted to be part of Rhythm Time and will be teaching her music classes from the end of May. “I have a passion for music and want to share it so that others can gain as much enjoyment out of it as I do!" she quotes.

Owner and founder, Kathy Doolan started Rhythm Time in 1995 and after a highly successful first five years, sold her first children's music franchise in 2000. That franchise is now an award winning, highly successful business that is also one of the largest in the business. Rhythm Time now has 35 music franchises across the UK, and continues to attract talented, musical individuals who want to invest in this quality organisation.

In each music franchise, Rhythm Time's unique set of music courses have been specifically written by Kathy (previously Head of Music at a Scottish school) and created to help every child's development. The classes are aimed at different age groups, specifically: music classes for babies(from birth to 15 months), music classes for toddlers (15 months to 3 years), and music classes for pre-school(3 to 5 years). Kathy is a strong advocate of music being crucial in helping to develop a child'sconfidence, creativity and co-ordination from an early age and this forms a key element in all the classes.

Rhythm Time now operates in over 200 different premises throughout the UK, helping more than 10,000 children a week to enjoy an early start to the benefits of music. It is an established company offering exceptional opportunities to those wanting to invest in a successful children's music franchise.

If you would like to know more about Rhythm Time and the opportunities it can offer, contact Kathy Doolan at Rhythm Time on 0121 711 4224 or visit


Posted: 11th May 2012

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