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News: Rhythm Time Music Franchise Group Launches Fun Progress Ladder for all its Children

Rhythm Time's Progress Ladder that marks a child's progress through its courses

Rhythm Time, the UK's leading music franchise group and provider of music classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, is currently launching an innovative and unique 'Progress Ladder' for every child that attends its classes.

This new initiative has been created by Rhythm Time to help parents and their children track their progress through Rhythm Time's fun, educational music courses. Every term, each child is awarded a special certificate that contains a star sticker - this sticker can then be placed by the child (or their parent) in the appropriate place on the ladder.

The Ladder, which is being launched by each music franchise for the new September term, is designed to be displayed in the child's home and thus enable the children and parents to clearly see the progress the child is making, but in a fun and interactive way.

"We've already had some fabulous feedback from the parents," says Kathy Doolan, owner and founder of Rhythm Time. "The illustrations we have used include many characters from the songs we sing in classes, so it helps the children's recognition skills as they look at the chart and complete it with their very own star stickers. It also keeps them motivated and excited about completing the next stage," she adds.

Rhythm Time was established in 1995 by Kathy (graduate of The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow and Head of Music at a Scottish school). Their first music franchise was sold in 2000 and Rhythm Time now have over 35 franchises all over the UK. Each franchisee shares with Kathy a passion for music and the developmental benefits it can have for children in their formative years.

Rhythm Time's unique set of music courses have been specifically written for the different age groups: babies, toddlersand pre-schoolers. Children progress through the different aged classes making a seamless transition at their key developmental stages.

"This Progress Ladder is also a wonderful memento, not only for the parents, but also for the children, some of whom have been attending our classes since they were little babies. Our courses have been created to enhance every child's development. Each rung of the ladder symbolises a significant step in the learning of that child - from the multi-sensory development of tiny babies, through to the development of a toddler's confidence and co-ordination skills. Finally, our pre-schoolers will build on all these achievements and further develop their creativity, musical, literacy, maths and communication skills! It's genuinely very rewarding to see how the little ones benefit so much from our music classes!" adds Kathy.

Parents attending Rhythm Time classes can also take advantage of a Baby Book specially written to give parents a guide to further stimulate their babies' senses outside of class. Toddlers will also receive a special Rhythm Time CD for every term of the Toddler course. All this is included in the fee.

Parents are invited to enjoy a free trial session before they decide whether they would like to book up for further sessions. On joining, parents will receive a copy of the Progress Ladder to take home.

For a free trial at a Rhythm Time Baby, Toddler or Pre-school music class near you, or for more information on owning a Rhythm Time music franchise, call 0121 711 4224 or visit

Posted: 7th Sep 2012

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