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News: Two Musicians embark on Perfect Careers as Rhythm Time Music Franchise Owners

Rhythm Time music franchise owner in Sheffield - Sarah Scott

Two musicians, Sarah Scott and Rebecca Dunford, are now embarking on their perfect, life-changing careers that combine their love of music and working with children. Both have just bought a Rhythm Time music franchise offering multi-sensory, fun and educational music classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Sarah Scott will be running her classes in the South Sheffield/North Derbyshire area, whilst Rebecca Dunford will be running hers in Leicester.

The music sessions have been written by a music teacher and specifically designed to help with development and learning, starting with stimulating baby classes and leading to exciting toddler classes and educational pre-school sessions.

Sarah, who has lived in Sheffield for over 20 years, spent 15 years teaching Science in local schools. Whilst teaching, she was also able to indulge in her other passion, music, by singing in many school groups and learning a number of musical instruments, in addition to those she learnt to play as a child.

Having also spent 4 years helping to run a highly successful online marketing business with her husband, it was her love of music and working with children that finally persuaded Sarah to make her career change and buy the Rhythm Time music franchise for her local area.

"I can't wait to start my Rhythm Time classes and share my love of music with all the parents and their little ones," she quotes. "The classes are really fun but at the same time highly beneficial and educational, so the parents will soon be able to see how their child develops and their senses enhanced through all the musical activities we do," she adds.

As a mother of two young boys, Rebecca Dunford spent 10 years as a primary school teacher before having her own children. She also decided to change her career to one that combined her love of music and working with young children. "I always knew that I wanted to return to my first love of music - I sang in many choirs plus I play the oboe, piano and recorder and was a member of local orchestras," quotes Rebecca. "I chose Rhythm Time as, when I took my youngest to the trial class, his eyes lit up at the instruments and he joined in with every song and action - so he made the decision for me!  I believe that the skills taught in the classes, create a fantastic foundation for their future learning, as I'm so aware of the listening and learning skills that they will need as they get older," she adds.

Any parents or carers with babies or young children who would like a free trial session are invited to call either Sarah on 0114 383 0111 or Rebecca on 07701 042119. Alternatively, visit to book your session online.

Rhythm Time also offers exciting music franchise opportunities across the UK. For more information call 0121 711 4224 or visit

Posted: 19th Jun 2013

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