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News: Latest Rhythm Time Music Franchisee tells all!

Rhythm Time music franchise owner in Sheffield - Sarah Scott

Sarah Scott is the latest Rhythm Time franchisee to join the successful and growing children's music franchise group that provides music classes to babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.  As she launches her music franchise in South Sheffield and North Derbyshire this month (September 2013), Sarah reveals, in this entertaining blog, exactly how her first few weeks at Rhythm Time have gone:

"As you can imagine, I'm very excited about my new Rhythm Time franchise. A little nervous, but excited! For all existing franchisees, they will, I'm sure, totally understand. They will have woken up in the night, wondering how they would ever manage to get everything done in time, how they would persuade enough people to come to their classes, how they would ever learn all the songs, how their house would accommodate all their new instruments, footballs, mirrors, floor mats, puppets - you get the idea?

"End of term time seems to be a little crazy for those setting up new classes. There are many, many mother and toddler groups to visit before they break up for summer, endless places to stick up posters and postcards, and calls to field from keen Mums. The nicest call I had so far was from a mum who wanted to sign up and thank me for bringing Rhythm Time to her area - that was a boost, I can tell you!

"Other highlights during my setting up time include: Being part of the wonderful annual franchise meeting and being inspired beyond belief by the other franchisees and their brilliant achievements; helping out Sue (my nearest franchisee colleague) in her lovely classes and watching Elizabeth in Leeds in her amazing and lively sessions; visiting the local school gala and trying to persuade the local police constables to take some of my postcards; remembering just in time to turn off the Rhythm Time songs from my car stereo before opening the window at the local drive-thru restaurant (I don't go very often!); finding that, as an ex-teacher, quite a few of the young mums I'm chatting to were my old pupils (certainly one way to feel old!) and managing to remember their names; going in to a primary school where a Mother and Toddler group was running and being told that the group was the day before - argh!

"Probably my most dramatic event occurred quite early on. I went to visit a venue (which I booked in the end - a lovely room in the local town hall, with free parking and a carpet, oh, the luxury!) and on my way out, found a poor elderly lady lying on the floor. She had just fallen and banged her head quite badly so instead of going to investigate booking the lovely room I'd just seen, I ended up calling 999 and waiting for the ambulance to arrive!

"Finally, I had managed to get a friend to set up a session with a local childminder, as a demo and a practice rolled into one. The morning arrived, and I actually felt really nervous - this would be the first time I'd really led any Rhythm Time activities on my own. I was sitting outside her house listening to my CD and reading through the demo plan I'd written out (as I was obviously really early), and eventually plucked up the courage to knock on her door. She answered, looking very unwell and with a look of shock on her poor swollen face, apologising over and over - she'd had a terrible nut allergy and had been in hospital, but she was apologising to me for forgetting I was on my way!
"This just confirmed to me how lovely all our mums and carers are, and how I can't wait to get started with my Sheffield and Derbyshire classes in September. Thanks so far go to everyone at Rhythm Time head office, plus all the other franchisees for their help and tips on the franchisees facebook page, which I'm on pretty much all the time!"

Posted: 9th Sep 2013

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