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Easter treat for local children's music classes

Babies, Toddlers and Pre-schoolers were treated to a special visit this week from the Founder of their Rhythm Time music classes, Kathy Doolan.

Many of the children took the opportunity to wear their Easter outfits whilst they enjoyed their favourite class activities and songs.

Posted: 25th Mar 2015 | Read the full article…

Music Lessons were the Best Thing your Parents ever did for you

This thought-provoking article was written by Tom Barnes, Children's Music Workshop (L.A.) February 17, 2015:

If your parents ever submitted you to regular music lessons as a kid, you probably got in a fight with them once or twice about it. Maybe you didn’t want to go; maybe you didn’t like practicing. But we have some bad news: They were right. It turns out that all those endless major scale exercises and repetitions of “Chopsticks” had some incredible effects on our minds.

Posted: 6th Mar 2015 | Read the full article…