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News: Franchisee Spotlight - Michelle O'Grady

Hi, I'm Michelle and I'm delighted to be Rhythm Time's franchisee for Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Lichfield and Walsall.

I'm married to my wonderful husband Declan, and have two fabulous daughters, Darcy 12 years and Sophie 9 years.  About 12 years ago (whilst on maternity leave) I attended Rhythm Time classes with Darcy.  They took place at the local Children's Centre in Chelmsley Wood and we both thoroughly enjoyed the variety of music-based activities (whilst everyone had great fun!). I was so impressed with how the activities helped the children's development that I signed up for Rhythm Time's multi-sensory baby classes with my new baby, Sophie, when she was born!

With a background of singing and acting right from my Primary school days, it was something I enjoyed taking the girls to and joined in whole heartedly!

One day an announcement was made that the group was to close due to staffing difficulties. I approached the class teacher to see if there was an opportunity for me to join the team. At that time I was a part-time teaching assistant at a local school.  An interview was arranged at a church hall, with me singing 'Twinkle Twinkle' (amongst other things!) and playing chime bars whilst smiling all of the time too! Shortly afterwards, I received a call to say 'let's do it!'  

I spent the school holidays getting prepared and was ready by September to take my own classes and re-open the sessions for the Children's Centre too. With Darcy in full-time school and Sophie attending morning nursery, I worked mornings I was always available to pick up and drop off at school, plus spend every school holiday with them too. What could be better?

About 3 years later, the opportunity came up to purchase the Sutton Coldfield and Tamworth Franchise! I leapt at the chance!  Both Declan and I attended an interview at Head Office and we took it from there. In February 2011 I became the official Rhythm Time Franchisee for the local area.  And just one year later, I also bought Lichfield and Walsall!

Since then, I've never looked back!  It's my perfect career - working with children, singing my way through the day, meeting new people and being told what a great job I'm doing!  

It's a fantastic job and, even as a manager and teacher, it still works really well around my family.  I take Sophie to school 4 out of 5 days a week and always pick her up from school.  I can still do all the 'mum taxi runs' to after school clubs, cook the tea and work my admin around family time.  Having your own business is hard work and you don't switch off much even on holiday, but it's fantastic to know that all the hard work you put in is well worth it.  

With a team of 1 teacher, 2 assistants and an Admin Assistant, we run around 25 classes per week Tues-Sat with over 300 children...

Our Rhythm Time classes have been created to enhance the development of every child, through specially created, music-based activities.  The classes are age-related including young baby courses, multi-sensory baby classes, fun toddler classes and educational pre-school classes.  I also run a small group on a Thursday morning for children with Additional Needs which is great!
Our classes have recently been nominated as ‘Best class 0-2 years’ by MITK parents.  We meet lots of parents each week and knowing that they enjoy our classes so much really means a lot!

Children who attend Rhythm Time leave with a fantastic foundation for school and brilliant potential for future music-making!  Why not see for yourself and book a free trial?  

I'd love to hear from you, so just call me on 07823 550 321 or visit

Posted: 16th Apr 2015

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