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News: Glowing Report for Local Rhythm Franchisees

New Rhythm Time Franchisee, Carly Eady, who will be starting her classes in St Albans in September 2016, was delighted by her friend's glowing testimonial about her local Rhythm Time classes in Cumbria. Kate Whitehouse, and her son Arthur, attended Marion Johnston's Rhythm Time classes in Kendal. Here's what she had to say:

"As a regular Rhythm Timer up in Kendal, Cumbria, I cannot recommend Rhythm Time enough to all mums, dads, grandparents... all of you for something fantastic to do with your little one. I started taking my son when he was 8 weeks old; I was really nervous, it was the first thing I'd done as a new mum and I was sure I was being silly taking such a young baby to a music based group. I was so wrong!! I was amazed by how engaged the babies are from whatever age, and we have both gained so much from the sessions; ideas of things to do at home, the chance to meet nice people, the chance for my son to socialise with other babies and also it is just a really fun thing to look forward to; I reckon I enjoy some of the songs and activities more than my baby sometimes!!! Carly is so lovely and super enthusiastic, so I promise you that Carly + Rhythm Time = guaranteed amazingness! I have now gone back to work and I am gutted that I won't have my weekly meetings with Rat-a-Tat and my Rhythm Time crew up here but I will still be singing all of the songs and doing a lot of the activities with my son at home. Enjoy!"  

Posted: 19th Jul 2016

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