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Looking for the perfect career? Want something that fits in with your family life? A Rhythm Time Franchise could be for you…..It was for Laura!

Laura Hodgkin

Many mothers after having their young family don’t want to return to a busy full-time position but would still like to work and contribute to the family. Rhythm Time, a leading music franchise offers fun, flexible working hours that fit around the family for anyone who is passionate about music, singing and, of course, little ones!


Laura Hodgkin, has recently joined the Rhythm Time Franchise family. Her love of working with children began when she spent her university holidays working for a children’s adventure holiday company. She spent time teaching the children songs and running the evening entertainments. For the past 14 years Laura has taught English, but after having her own family Laura decided it was time to find a flexible working opportunity that would fit into her busy family life.

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