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News: Continue your child’s musical journey from Rhythm Time to The Strings Club next term!

The Strings Club

With the summer holidays fast approaching and a new school year ahead, families with pre-schoolers will be excited about the beginning of a new chapter for their little one.

The graduation from nursery to reception and formal education is a big change but you should be confident that it is one your child is ready for and something they will relish and enjoy.

Through your care and support at home, structure at nursery and the development of skills and confidence through their Rhythm Time classes, you can be sure that you have provided your child with the foundation they need to flourish as they begin school.

Many of you will be considering how best to continue to provide your child with the extra support which has benefited them greatly up until now. Our partner organisationThe Strings Club offer the perfect continuation from Rhythm Time through their multi award-winning Term Time Courses.

Specially designed for children in Reception Class, their brand new Minis Explorers programme will nurture your child’s love of music and playing an instrument, develop their confidence and skills, and help them to reach their true potential – quickly!

A Minis Explorers programme is the perfect introduction in learning an instrument and the ideal continuation from our Rhythm Time classes.This unique one-year programme will enable your child to explore both ukulele and violin – before deciding what instrument they would like to continue learning in the third term.

Children learn in small groups and spend a term on each instrument starting with ukulele and moving onto violin. Much like our Rhythm Time classes, classes will be led by the UK’s top teachers and will packed full of fun-filled learning of the highest quality.

Learning to play an instrument is a wonderful experience. It is something which has a lifelong impact, providing enjoyment for many years and it also has many other benefits in the short and medium term which may not be as obvious or are not often directly associated.

Learning an instrument is multi-disciplined. It improves memory, reading and comprehension which in turn support and improve educational attainment and that's in all areas, English, Maths, Science, languages and communication. So through starting a new musical journey you can be sure that your child will continue to grow in confidence, taking further steps towards fulfilling their potential.

Minis Explorers begin Saturday 15th September and run for 10 weeks with courses starting from 9.30am. Book by Friday 31st August and receive your first lesson for free! Find out about Minis Explorers in your area by visiting

Posted: 18th Jun 2018

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