For Parents

As parents we all want to give our children the best possible start and introducing music at a very early age is an excellent way to do this. Babies are born with many musical abilities and, by encouraging and nurturing these skills, their all round intelligence will be developed. At Rhythm Time we believe what makes us stand out from the crowd is our passion and commitment, along with the conviction that music is fundamental to every child's development.

It's more than just teaching an appreciation of music. It is fundamentally about developing a child's life skills.

We also realise that it's very important to offer material which is appropriate to the age of the children in the class since they are at different stages developmentally. Therefore Rhythm Time offers courses designed for three distinct groups of children: babies, toddlers and pre-school.

At Rhythm Time we not only help the development of each child, we also help the parents to become more confident in their own musical ability.

Rhythm Time currently runs hundreds of classes all over the country and abroad so there are lots of experiences to be shared!

Maybe one way of helping develop the experience is by becoming part of it!

You might be interested in becoming a franchisee . We have a number of franchises available across the country along with teaching jobs and class assistant opportunities.

Click here for latest job opportunities and take real control of your future. All posts are designed to fit around family commitments and who knows, one might just be right for you!

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And so the musical journey begins...