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For Pre-school

As your children get ready for school their confidence, creativity and coordination is taken to the next level.

They now attend the classes on their own, with the reassurance that mum or dad is just outside. At the end of each class they have pride in telling their parents all the interesting things they have learned. It's still fun but it's also educational. Attending Rhythm Time pre-school classes gives your child a real head start and when they attend school you will see their confidence, creativity and coordination shining through.

Rhythm Time pre-school classes are designed for children aged between 3 and 5 years and they are a wonderful preparation for any child who would like to play an instrument when they are older. Like all our courses, our pre school classes are designed to help children learn and develop life skills. At this age it's important that children develop social skills by actually learning to work together and this group activity is a wonderful experience, something they will never forget.

The course is fast paced, with real variety and minimal formal instruction. This is why children really pay attention to what is going on, thoroughly enjoy themselves and learn at the same time.

The content of our pre school classes is as follows:

  • Rhythmic reading is introduced
  • Pitch and rhythm games are extended
  • Listening to a wide variety of music while exploring the dynamics
  • Learning how instruments sound and are played
  • Musical signs are introduced and are explored together
  • Vocal ability is extended by singing lots of songs while individual vocal responses are encouraged
  • Lots of percussion instruments (tuned and untuned) are played and explored
  • Confidence is developed by conducting and leading the group
  • Social skills and creativity are developed while learning to work together

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We also recognise that many parents will need to bring along a younger sibling. Siblings under 1 are welcome to come along to our classes for free.

Child attending music classes for pre-school Child attending music classes for pre-school
And so the musical journey begins...