Watch your little one PLAY!


Here are a selection of some of the wonderful things we use in class so that your little one can have some Rhythm Time fun at home!

Frog Guiro

Our Frog Guiro is fantastic for hand eye co-ordination and makes a great sound!

Price: £10.00 per frog

Cage Bell

Our cage bell is especially designed to keep the jingles safely enclosed.  Suitable from 3 months.

Price: £5.00 each


Our kazoos are a fabulous first instument.  Little ones often play them better than adults!  The secret is to hum into it, not blow!

Price: £1.00 each

Rhythm sticks

Tap to the beat and move those feet with your very own pair of rhythm sticks!

Tap to the beat and move those feet with your very own pair of rhythm sticks!

Price: £4.00 pair

Cymbals 150mm

Price: £11.50 each

Moon tambourine

Moon tambourine

Moon tambourine.  Colour may vary

Age 12mths +

Price: £9.00 each

Lollipop drum 200mm

Lollipop drum 200mm

Remo lollipop drum 200mm

Tap your own rhythm!

Age 3 years +

Price: £18.50 each

Lollipop drum 150mm

Lollipop drum 150mm

Remo Lollipop drum 150mm

Age 3 years +

Price: £16.50 each


Pair of maracas.  Colour may vary. 

Age 36 months +

Price: £6.50 each

Bells in a ring

Bells in a ring.  Colour may vary

Age 3 months +

Price: £3.50 each

Train Whistle

"All aboard!" Just gently blow for an incredibly realistic train whistle sound. A delightful introduction to the fun of making music!

Approx 23cm x 7cm x 6.5cm boxed.

Price: £6.50 each


Colourful castanet designed for easy use. 5.5cm diameter.

Age: 2 years +

Price: £3.00 each

Baby Band

A specially selected set of four musical instruments for babies. Perfect to develop early music skills. Pack contains rainbowshaker, baby maracas, clip clap and cage bell. Assorted colours.

Age: 6 months +

Price: £16.00 each (Sorry, out of stock)

Baby Maraca

Perfect for tiny hands with a gentle, soft sound. 11cm. Available in four different colours.

Age: 3 months +

Price: £3.00 each

Shake Me Shaker

A shaped shaker in bright colours and with gentle sounds. An easy natural grip for small hands. 5cm approx.

Age: 6 months +

Price: £2.50 each

And so the musical fun begins!