Watch your little one's face LIGHT UP!

Other goodies

Here you can buy some of the amazing products we use in our fun music classes!

Rhythm Time T-Shirt

DON'T MISS OUT! Order your little one's LIMITED EDITION 'Class of 2018' Rhythm Time T-SHIRT now... whilst stocks last!

The words "Rhythm Time Class of 2018" are on the reverse.

Price: £6.00 each

Crocodile Puppet

Have fun with our snappy Crocodile Puppet!

Price: £10.00 each

Rat a Tat

Rat a Tat rabbit in a hat puppet

"Rat a Tat's a listening bunny, Wake him up and tickle his tummy!"

Price: £14.50 each


Arabella ragdoll

Arabella ragdoll

Arabella, Arabella, where are you?

Here I am, here I am, how do you do!

Price: £13.00 each

Cockerel Puppet

Our cockerel puppet will greet you with a cheery cock-a-doodle do!

Price: £10.00 each

From Waking to Sleeping

Rhythm Time Baby Book

Research has shown that music and singing are crucial for a baby's development. Inside this booklet are well-known songs, rhymes and activities, together with developmental explanations which are based on current research. The songs and activities can be used as you are doing every day tasks with your baby. So have fun and give your baby a head start now!. A5 size.

Age: From birth

Price: £2.50 each

Rhythm Time Gift Voucher

Delight your friends and family with a Rhythm Time gift voucher.

Price: £10.00 multiples

And so the musical fun begins!